The New Yorker’s Naked Sunbathing Photos of Deafheavers is the Best in the World

New Yorker cover photo by Sam Adams from Deafsheaven Sunbather Vinyl’s new album, which features photos by Sam’s wife, Kelly.

It also features photos of Deachem, a woman who has lived with cerebral palsy for 15 years.

“I didn’t want to be a part of that, and I knew it,” Kelly said.

“But then I met Sam and we just became really good friends.”

Deacheaver has a reputation for being very self-sufficient.

She’s been known to take on small, one-person rides around the island.

She often does solo tours.

But the Deaches, who live in the hills of San Francisco, have been making a point to stay connected to the world around them.

They even took the time to put together a special postcard with a photo of their cat and a tagline about living with the disability.

“We’ve never been able to live on our own,” Kelly says.

“And it’s just such a luxury.”

Kelly, Deacher, and their cat.

Courtesy of Deacoheaven Deachel is now able to walk and talk, but she can still speak.

“When she’s speaking, it sounds like she’s just shouting,” Kelly explained.

“She’s just saying stuff and it’s very, very, deep and it makes me feel a little bit good.”

Deaf shearers have been using technology to help communicate with each other.

Deaf-friendly music videos have also made it to the Internet.

“It’s all the stuff that we were doing with technology and all the things we were watching on TV, it’s like a new normal,” Kelly explains.

Deachet’s music has been featured on the VH1 reality show, Deaf Sheets.

“The videos are really great,” Kelly adds.

“Because I’m a big fan of the DeafSheets reality show and I like to see the Deas in real life.

They’re not always there, but it’s the Dea-iest time to see them.”

Deacohes first concert on January 1, 2019.

Courtesy For more of Kelly’s work, check out her website.

Kelly Deachea is a member of Deaconettes, the Deacohen Sound, and Deachers Uncut label.

You can follow her on Instagram @KellyDeachea.