How to Get a Good Sunbathing in Melbourne

Posted May 06, 2018 09:31:30 With the heatwave hitting Melbourne, there are some amazing sunbathes to experience in Melbourne’s parks.

Here are the 10 best spots for sunbathe in Melbourne.


Dockside Park in St Kilda A place where you can enjoy the sun in the middle of the city for around $1 a day.


The Docks on the Green The Dots are one of the most popular sunbathed spots in Melbourne and is the only park with a swimming pool.


Waterworks Park and Gardens A waterworks park is a popular spot to sunbathere for free and the park has a full-service restaurant.


The Waterworks at Westfield One of Melbourne’s premier locations for sunbaking, the Waterworks has a private beach with a full bar.


East of Town The Southbank area is packed with sunbatheres, a popular place for people to sunbake in the summer.


Eastlake Park and Garden A place that is known for its great views, Eastlake park has an outdoor swimming pool that is popular for sunbath.


The Riverbank Beach The Riverbanks is an area that has a great sunbatheta and it is popular to sunbath here.


Sunshine Coast Beach This beach is a great spot for sunbeds and sunbathers.

It is popular with both locals and tourists.


The Sunshine Coast sunbathey have two swimming pools and it’s easy to see where the sun will be most sunbather.


Sunshine Beach The beach is popular amongst locals and visitors alike.

It’s a great place to sun bath.

What do you think of the best places to sunbehave in Melbourne?

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