Sunbathing on the beach: The best public swimming spots in Australia

Posted September 01, 2019 06:19:59 The best spots in New South Wales and Queensland to soak up the sun in public are in the Southern beaches, with beaches like Cairns and Wodonga offering the best sunbathes in the region.

Here are some of the best public sunbathe spots in the state:Bachelor Beach, Wodoga, NSW: The Bachelor Beach is the most popular location in Wodga, with people sunbathed on a beach with a spectacular view of the harbour.

You can also go for a dip at Wodagas iconic ‘Crown of the Sun’, where locals enjoy a picnic, drink and enjoy a good night out.

Wodonga Beach, South Wodgah, NSW.

Photo: Craig AbrahamBachelor Park, Cairn, NSW : The best beaches in South Wollongong, in particular the beaches at The Beach and The Beach at Wollonga, offer excellent sunbathetic options.

There are also plenty of small public beaches and picnic areas available on the Bayside.

The Beach is also a popular destination for families with children.

The Sunshine Coast, New South