Nude sunbathed neighbor is attacked by man, killed by police

A naked sunbathe, who had been sunbathes on a lawn chair in the neighborhood of the village of Muehlenberg, has been murdered in a domestic violence incident, police said on Saturday.

The body of 31-year-old Ali Alghadali was found on the floor of his apartment in the town of Wuppertal on Saturday, police spokeswoman Erika Rauch told AFP news agency.

“A neighbor who was visiting the victim’s apartment and heard the screaming heard from inside said she found him lying on the ground,” Rauz said.

The victim, who was shot twice, was taken to a local hospital where he later died, Rau-ch added.

The death was not being treated as suspicious and police are still searching for the man who killed the man.

In August, a man was shot dead by a police officer in a case of domestic violence after he allegedly threatened to kill his girlfriend.

The incident has drawn global condemnation after police found a video showing the suspect assaulting the victim in a parking lot.

The police department in Wuppttal has launched an investigation into the killing.

In December, a court in Germany convicted a man of domestic abuse for killing his girlfriend with a hammer after she broke up with him.

The woman had broken up with the man because she felt his behaviour did not suit her.