Blonde sunbaming is the new hotness in Ireland


It’s not just women who are embracing the nude sunbath, men are too.

A recent survey by The Irish Times revealed that the number of people who were satisfied with their bathing style is on the rise in the country, with 69 per cent of people saying they have a favourite type of sunbathes.

There are even people who don’t even bother to cover up at all.

One woman who has made her own bikini from scratch was interviewed by the newspaper, saying: ‘I just put the stuff I have lying around on the floor and go swimming, because the beach is beautiful and I just want to see the water’.

A lot of the women interviewed said they have seen men in their local swimming pool shower naked, but they didn’t think it was quite right.

‘They are not naked, they are very relaxed, it’s very natural and relaxing and it is not like that at all,’ said Anna.

This is exactly the kind of relaxed sunbathe that we all need to relax in the summer, said Anna, who also went topless for a week and now prefers the more relaxed sunbath.

We are not getting a tan, but we are getting a feeling of relaxation and the feeling that you are not alone. 

‘It is nice to have a bit of sun,’ said Anne, who had gone nude in a public swimming pool and said she liked the relaxed feeling of sun bathing.

‘It is good to have the freedom to relax and be free and be yourself.’

The Irish Times interviewed 2,000 people in their daily research and surveyed a whopping 4,000 of them to get their take on sunbathed life.

They found that 80 per cent were satisfied when they bathed in a sun bath, while another 20 per cent felt like they were a little too relaxed, and only 5 per cent said they were having a bad time.

It is important to remember that most people have been sunbathened and the sunbath is just a part of the whole experience, said the newspaper.

‘I think that there is a bit more relaxation when you are out in the sun,’ Anne said.

‘We all know what that feeling is, that feeling of having nothing to hide and not being alone.

A lot of people want to get naked in the water, but I think they need to be more cautious about it, said Anne.

The women interviewed by The Times were mostly happy with their nude sunbamings, but there were also those who were a bit upset with them.

We have a lot of women who say that they are a little nervous, or a little uncomfortable with the sunbait.

We have a little bit of nudity but that is a small part of it, so I think that is one of the things that people want more of, said Kristina.

‘When you go out there and bathe, it is all about the skin.

You have to do it right, you have to be able to handle the water.’