Aussie dad’s pregnancy journey

The sunbathed pregnancy of an Australian dad has taken a surprising turn for the better.

A family from Queensland were caught off guard when the father’s wife was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and told to undergo a blood transfusion.

It took a team of doctors and nurses to get the husband to hospital.

They had to put on the oxygen mask and keep him on a ventilator to stop the bleeding.

“It’s very hard on the family and on the couple, but it’s been a lot of work,” said Dr Brian Waring, who works at the Queensland Health Service.

The dad had been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called anaplastic anaemia, or anaemia with placenta, which can cause sudden birth or other complications.

It can lead to a host of problems including a range of birth defects and a high rate of death in people over 70.

Dr Waring says the father has been in intensive care for the past four days, and is still receiving blood transfusions.

He was able to take part in a post-op screening in Brisbane to ensure his daughter was in good health.

This story originally appeared on ABC News website.