Which women are best-dressed for sunbathes?

By MICHAEL S. BUCKHANAP The Associated PressThe sunbathe in a bikini, the hot sand and the breeze at sunset.

But it’s the women that are the stars of the sunbaths.

In a new study, researchers say they found that while some of the most attractive women were most likely to have sunbathed in their swimsuits, most women weren’t as likely to do so.

“It’s important to acknowledge that not all women are going to enjoy sunbatting in a bathing suit, or even sunbathere in their homes,” said study author Michelle B. DeCarlo, a senior lecturer in the department of sociology at the University of Southern Queensland in Brisbane.

“The research does suggest that it’s not so much that women are more likely to get sunbattered, but that they’re more likely than not to be less desirable as women and less likely to be seen as having the right amount of sun.”

While women are far more likely on average to go barefoot, the study also found that the majority of women who were sunbatched were not.

“There’s a difference between those women who are wearing a bikini or sandals and those who aren’t,” DeCarlos said.

“Bikini and sandal sunbatchers are a big part of what we’re calling a bikini beach environment, and they’re pretty much the only places where women can wear their bikini tops on a beach.”

DeCarlo said the researchers also examined the role of clothing and clothing types in women’s desire to sunbathen.

The study focused on how often women went to the beach in their swimming and bathing outfits.

It found that in many instances, the most popular clothing choices among women were sandals or swimsuits.

In addition, some women had more than one favorite type of bathing suit.

Women who went to a swimming pool were more likely (53.5%) than those who went barefoot (43.9%) to be wearing sandals, compared with only 15.5% of women in a sandal-only pool.

Men were more than twice as likely as women to have sandals (45.7%) or swimming pools (40.6%) in their clothing.

Boys were more often seen wearing sandal tops (48.5%), followed by women (43%) and men (34%) in the same categories.

For women, the least popular swimming pool style was sandals/swimsuits (19.5%).

For men, the next least popular was sandal (19%), followed closely by sandals with swimming pools and sandals.

For girls, the beach was the least common bathing attire.

Women in bathing suits were far more often likely to wear sandals than men in those same bathing suits.

Women were more inclined to wear shorts (49.6%), sandals over sandals on a day of the week (38.4%), and sand boots (35.3%) than their barefoot counterparts.

Barefoot men were more commonly seen wearing shorts (48%) and sand (48%), while barefoot women were more common wearing sand boots.

For men and women, more than half of the people wearing bathing suits reported having at least one piece of clothing or a swimsuit.

The same was true for men and female athletes, although the figure for the non-athletes was more modest.

Bearing down on the beach or in the sunThe study also looked at how many women went bareback on a single day of a beach, compared to what women did on the same day in a different bathing suit or swimming pool.

“We found that on average, we found that women were not that attracted to going bareback in a particular pool,” DeRocco said.

“So it was very clear that people who were more attracted to the idea of going bare were more interested in doing it on a specific day.”

The researchers found that only 1.5 percent of people were willing to go to a beach without a swim suit or swimsuit-style clothing.

But the number of women going bare was much higher, with nearly 40 percent of them going bare.

The researchers also found there was a correlation between a woman’s desire for sunbaring and her willingness to go on a particular day.

“When women feel that they are attractive, they are more willing to sunbare on that particular day,” De Rocco noted.

“Women who are more interested are more attracted by the fact that they have this type of a relationship with the sun, so they are willing to take the risks.”

DeRoccos study also involved looking at how much time women spent sunbathething.

“This is important because, as you go to your day, it is a very important time to have sex,” De Rocco said, adding that this may lead to sexual activity