Meerkat’s naked sunbathe

The Australian national bird has been photographed swimming naked in the nude, according to reports.

A group of people were filming the nude sunbathers, which are thought to be from Australia, at a swimming pool in Melbourne, Australia, on Monday.

Meerkats have long been recognised as being the world’s most adorable and sociable bird, but their popularity has fallen in recent years due to habitat loss and the effects of climate change.

The species was once so popular with Australian tourists that it was dubbed “the most adorable bird in the world” by the New York Times.

Today, they are listed as vulnerable by the United Nations’ International Union for Conservation of Nature.

However, the Australian government is urging visitors to leave the birds alone.

They say there is a risk of invasive species, including the Asian marmot, which is known to infect birds in captivity.

Meerks are now protected in Australia and can be sighted in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.