Woman gets 10 lashes, 15 lashes, 10 lashes on her naked teen

NIKALI BHATAR, THE TIMES OF INDIA – Nov 13, 2020 06:10:09A 15-year-old Indian girl has won a legal victory in the court over her lashings after she was caught on camera in a bikini sunbathed in the city of Agra, the Indian capital.

On November 13, the girl was photographed sunbathe by her friend who was in a private vehicle.

The court had asked the court to set aside the fine imposed by the local police in the case.

In the verdict, the woman’s mother argued that the incident was the result of negligence and that she had no reason to be upset about the incident.

The woman’s lawyers said the incident had happened when the woman was not wearing a bikini and had not touched her body.

The court had earlier ordered that the fine should be paid, but on November 14 the girl’s mother appealed against the order.

“The fine is fine, but I have no reason for being upset,” said the girl.

The girl was also ordered to pay a $25 fine for “violating public decency”.

In its judgement, the court said that the girl could not be fined for being naked in public.

The judgement has also said that her mother could be fined in the sum of Rs 100,000.