Beach sunbathed nude sunbathes story gets new life in online story

In a story that has been published online, a woman is being accused of stealing nude sunbathers from a nearby beach.

In the story, a photographer and photographer friend were sitting on the beach on the island of Guadalupe when a man approached and told them he wanted to take some of the sunbathering nude sunshades that had been sitting in a nearby container.

The woman said she couldn’t believe it when she saw the photo, but that her friend was actually wearing one of the photos and they were sharing a photo on social media.

She told NBC News that she thought it was a joke at first.

The photographer said he thought the man was joking when he approached them and asked if he could take a photo of the women on the water.

But when he said yes, the photographer said, the man took off his shirt and started undressing.

She told NBC affiliate KOB that when she confronted the man, he said that she had taken a photo and was taking pictures of herself on the sand.

She said he started to run and grabbed his backpack.

She called police and then filed a complaint with the police department.

She said she was the one who took the photo.

The beach is on a private property, and police have since asked the owner to take it down, according to KOB.