When the sun gets to you: the world’s largest naked sunbathe

The world’s biggest naked sunbather is on a mission to get the world to pay more attention to its natural beauty.

The sunbathes on a boat on the Caribbean island of St Lucia have taken to the water to capture some of the planet’s most beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

They’ve been taking photos for more than a year to raise awareness about the environmental damage caused by climate change.

The sunbathed islanders, known as “vans”, are members of the island’s largest nudist colony.

The tiny nudist community, which has around 50 members, uses a special sunbathelper net to catch the suns rays.

“When the sun goes down, we take photos of the sun for a few minutes and put them on a big billboard.

We’ve been doing it for six months now, and we’ve been very happy with the results,” said one of the women, Niki Gavrilova, 29.

Niki’s husband, Ivan, has a small boat on St Lucia.

It’s not just his boat that has been catching the sun, he’s also taken some sunbattles with his iPhone.

“I take a selfie with my iPhone,” he said.

Some of the photos taken by the women have been posted on social media, attracting thousands of comments.

Videos and photos of sunbatoning are shared widely, as are a handful of videos.

“I love the sun so much.

I’m going to get up and swim on the beach with a naked sun,” said a woman in St Lucia, who asked to be called Miss.

Many of the nudists in St Louis, Missouri, also enjoy sunbatting.

“The sun has been making us very healthy and happy.

It’s just amazing to me,” said Katie Leibold, who lives in St. Louis.

“We do it for health reasons.

If we don’t have the sun it would be really unhealthy.”‘

It’s really hard to explain’When asked how she’s been able to capture the sun on camera, Miss Leibolds reply was simple.

“We can’t explain why,” she said.

“Because of climate change, there is a lot more pollution coming into our environment, so there’s more damage.

And now we can see it.

But it’s really difficult to explain.” 

Natalie O’Keefe, who is the director of sustainability for the nudist organisation, the St Lucia Sunbathing Society, says it’s the first time she has seen a group of people take to the sea in a swimsuit.

“It’s a beautiful way to be outdoors, and it’s also a good way to educate people about the dangers of climate disruption and pollution,” she told BBC News.

More: Niki is one of a growing number of nudists on the island of the same name.

‘We’ve got to stop making excuses’The nudist lifestyle has also inspired a number of celebrities to get involved.

The National Trust for Scotland is funding a research project to try and explain the environmental benefits of the practice, while the World Wildlife Fund has launched an initiative to highlight the dangers.

“As the sunbathens, we have the responsibility to make sure that we do what’s best for our environment and our society,” said Natalia Mihalyova, a spokesperson for WWF Scotland.

“When we’re doing that we can’t just take a beach towel and swim.

We have to stop thinking that it’s all about the sun.

We need to be making a sustainable change.”

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