Cats with tattoos may not be safe on beaches

Cats with long, tattooed bodies and tattoos have been spotted at beachside pools in Sydney, prompting concern about the safety of bathing and sunbathements.

Key points:Some of Sydney’s beaches are patrolled by patrol dogsCats with tattoos can be found in the pool, but not the beachWhile beach is patrolled, only dogs are allowed on the beachA local cat owner says she has seen many of her animals with tattoos, which may pose a risk to swimming in Sydney’s south-east.

Cat owner Linda Krakowiak said her cats, a German Shepard and a German Shepherd mix, have tattoos that are visible on the backs of their heads.

“We have seen the animals come up and take their paw pads out, which are all tattoos, they’re not really visible on them,” Ms Krakowski said.

“The cats are not touching them, they just go on and on.”

Ms Krakowskiak said she had been on the beaches with her dogs on the weekend, but noticed one of the animals had a tattoo on her forearm.

“They were coming up to us, one of them was in the water and I saw her paw pads, she looked like she was doing a swim and she got her paw pad out and it was a tattoo of a bird on her arm,” she said.

Ms Kakowski said she believed it was her cat who was the one with the tattoo.

“It was my cat that had a big tattoo on the back of her arm, which is a German shepherd, so it is one of my pets and she has it for a reason.”

If I can see that she is doing that, I know she is safe.

“Ms Sowden said while it was not a common occurrence, she thought the animals were in danger.”

In a lot of places in the south-west of Sydney it is possible for the beach to be patrolled,” she told ABC Radio Sydney.”

And as the beaches are not patrolled we would think that the cat wouldn’t be able to come up to the water to swim and would be exposed to the risk of being bitten or being scratched.

“Ms Smith said while she was not concerned, she believed the tattoo on one of her cats’ arms could be an indication of its health.”

I know they’ve got tattoos and they have tattoos on their arms, but when it comes to cats, they are always swimming, they don’t always stay in the ocean and so I’m not really concerned,” she added.”

My pet has been swimming up and down the beach in the past, I would say about a month or two.

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