How to sunbathe in Australia

A new book has warned Australians to be extra careful about sunbathes as the climate changes.

It says Australians should be careful not to leave their pets in hot cars or on balconies while on the beach.

The book, The Beach and Sunbathing Temperature, by Sydney-based writer and author Daniel Sousa, is a follow-up to his 2015 book Sunbathe for Life, which warned that a hotter climate would result in increased temperatures in the ocean.

“It’s a pretty big problem that we have a rising sea level and it’s going to put pressure on the beaches and so we’ve got to make sure that we don’t have pets in cars or in any balconies and that’s something that’s been a concern for me in the past,” Mr Soussa told the ABC.

“We’ve always had pets in the car and that kind of stuff.”

But if we’re going to be out and about in the sun, that can get really hot and there’s a very good chance that there’s going a temperature spike.

“The sun will get hotter and hotter and the air temperature will get more and more hot.”

And then there’s the risk of all sorts of things happening and things getting damaged and getting washed away.

“If you’ve got a pet, and it stays out in the heat or in the air, and if there’s no shade or shade doesn’t help, that’s probably a big problem.”

Mr Sousas book is a must-read for any teenager wanting to be a better outdoor adventurer.

“I’ve been out on the roads, in the desert, in other cities, in my backyard,” he said.

“So, yeah, I definitely recommend it to all of my teenagers.”

The book is available in print and digital formats.