Naked sunbathed neighbor: ‘You can’t tell a lie, that’s what you’re doing’

“I think we’re going to be living with him until we die, because he’s going to go and make money,” she told the Associated Press.

“He’s a very intelligent guy, and he’s a real smart guy.

But he’s not going to change.

He’s not gonna change.”

“You can tell a story about how you are, and how you’ve gotten by, and then I can’t,” she added.

“I’m not going back to the house.”

Beverly and John, who have a 6-year-old son, were both visiting the home of their friend and neighbor, and are also the parents of two daughters.

They’ve been on the run for a week, and Beverly said they had not been to their house for at least six weeks.

They also have a 13-year old daughter who is in the care of an animal shelter.

“I think they should just leave him,” Beverly told the AP.

“If they’re gonna have to go, then they should go and go now.

He’ll be there when we’re not around.”

The couple, who live in suburban Atlanta, are hoping that the public comes forward with any information that might lead to their capture and that they can be held accountable.

In a statement, the Animal Welfare Institute of Georgia said that the couple’s actions have “taken a terrible toll on the lives of these animals.”

“[I]f this incident ever happens again, we urge the public to contact the Animal Care and Control Department immediately if they recognize the animal,” the statement said.

“We have no plans to place the couple in temporary or permanent confinement.”

A spokesperson for the Atlanta Humane Society told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the group is not aware of any recent cases of aggressive behaviour towards dogs in the area, and that it is “very concerned for the safety and welfare of the animals” in the neighborhood.

On Sunday, the Georgia Department of Agriculture issued a statement saying that the agency has been contacted about the incident, and has been working with the Georgia Humane Society.

The ASPCA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.