‘Nude sunbathers’ are good for your skin, study finds

An Australian study suggests that nudist sunbathes can help prevent the development of sunburn and even relieve symptoms of psoriasis, a disease of the skin that can affect people of all ages.

Key points:The study found sunbatheers had lower rates of skin cancer and more positive skin responses than those who did notNudists reported having more positive responses than their non-nudist counterpartsThe study of nearly 3,000 people found that those who sunbathed at least once a week had lower skin cancer rates and more skin positive responses compared to those who were not sunbatheners.

“Our study suggests sunbatchers have a lower risk of skin cancers, especially in young people, and a more positive response to sunscreens,” Professor Jennifer Rees, who led the study at the University of Adelaide, said.

“But it’s not clear if that’s because they’re doing more sunbathetting or because they’ve been sunbatting more, or if they’re simply better at it.”

The researchers say nudists can enjoy the benefits of sunbatoning without compromising their health, especially those who have a high risk of getting sunburn.

“We don’t think people should take the risk of sun-burn and sun-related diseases seriously.

But if we think that the sun is something to be avoided, then there are people who can enjoy these benefits,” Professor Rees said.

Nudist beach resorts have long been popular with visitors and the National Parks Service (NParks) is now reviewing the guidelines for all beaches.

“It’s a little more cautious in the areas that are closed and not open for public use, like beachfronts, but it’s still a little early to tell,” Ms Rees added.

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