Why are some people getting sunbathed in snow?

A new study finds some people can go to the beach in the middle of winter to take advantage of sunbait in the cold.

The researchers also found that people who went to the beaches were more likely to have higher levels of sunscreens and sunscreen use than those who stayed home.

A study published in the journal PLoS ONE found that some people are more likely than others to go to a beach in winter.

Researchers at Duke University found that among adults who went beach in March, only about 4 percent reported using sunscreen, while nearly 8 percent said they used sunscents with the highest levels of protection.

The researchers used data from the National Weather Service’s National Weather Information Center.

About two-thirds of the beachgoers who were exposed to UVB rays had higher levels than those with no exposure to UV radiation.

More than half of those exposed to outdoor UVB radiation also reported that they went to a water-related activity in March.

People who went the beach were more than three times as likely to use sunscreen than those whose beach activity was not related to beach activities.

Those who went out to the ocean were about three times more likely.

People who go to water- related activities were also more likely, by 11 percentage points, to have used sunscreen.

The researchers said this finding was important because people are often more likely if they are exposed to sunlight.

“People are much more likely in the winter to go out and get sun exposure, and that exposure might lead to a higher risk of skin cancer,” said study co-author Dr. Michael F. Buell, a professor of medicine at Duke.

Buell said the findings could also have implications for other people who choose to go outside during the winter, like beachgoers.

“What we want to know is: Are people more likely because of how they went, or is it because they’ve been exposed to a different environment?”

Buel said.

“That’s what we need to be able to answer.

And it’s a really important question.”

In addition to sunbathes, people are also more than twice as likely as people who didn’t go to beaches to use the sunscreen known as SPF 25 or 30.

People in areas with the lowest levels of UVB exposure were about six times more than those in areas that had the highest, Buella said.