Why I’m not in my bikini anymore

My body has gotten too old to wear a bikini anymore.

The bikini is an outdated fashion statement, I’ve said.

I’m no longer willing to be the new Jennifer Lawrence.

I’ve grown tired of being the new Courtney Love.

I have a boyfriend, a beautiful wife, two beautiful kids and a lovely home in New York City.

I no longer want to be known as a bikini model, even though I do the occasional bikini shoot.

What I want to do now is relax, read, make friends and, if I have time, do yoga.

If I have the time, I can do the yoga.

Why is it that my body no longer fits into this current fashion?

I’ve seen it all: bodybuilding magazines that look like porn; celebrities whose bodies are too big, too thin or too old; celebrities who are too old and too skinny.

I see it all.

And now, my body looks like it has just been worn out.

But is it?

Yes, my new body is beautiful and it is not too old, too old-looking or too thin.

It’s just me.

What does that mean for my future?

I am going to go to work on Monday.

I am not going to be a model.

I want my family to enjoy the same freedom I enjoy.

My future depends on it.

But I will still have a life and my children will still be happy.

And I know that there will be others like me who will not change.

I don’t think I can change who I am, but I am happy.

I think my body can change me.

I know there are others out there who will like me as I am and are comfortable with my body.

I love you, my mother, and you love me.

And if you can hear me, I know you will love me back.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Have a great day.